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Who We Are:

We are an independent, small press publishing house headquartered in Michigan.  Our goal is to support authors equally, providing them with the best publishing services possible within our mutually beneficial "Pack" approach.  As a family, authors, editors, illustrators, book ambassadors and publisher each support and enrich the company, our Pack, as readers experience the wonderment of the written word.

April Spotlight!

Jamie Kincaid is author of the YA "Kismet" Series, this is the second in the series, "Karma" released last autumn.  How do Liam, Jenny, and Johnny's lives change; and how does the #11 continue to impact their lives?  

We're giving away ten signed copies of "Karma" in partnership with See the link at the bottom of this page to enter!

The Storybook

The Grey Wolfe Storybook is an annual, anthology. For centuries, families have told stories to each other as a way to entertain, teach, and pay loyal respect to the culture of their ancestors.  In this book, you’ll find stories and poems from different origins... each one kept and passed on to the next generation of storytellers.

Please lend your words to serve the deaf children of America.

Sacred Texts

Grey Wolfe Publishing believes that what you write is Sacred Text.  We see it as our calling to ascribe reverence to your written word through the partnership of our publishing process; and in so doing, create a legacy that will last generations. 


Help us rebuild the Library of Alexandria... one book at a time!

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April 2016 Featured Author: Jamie Kincaid

After the crash last summer, Jenny and Liam move in together.  They are ready to leave their past behind and start planning their future. 

Liam loves Jenny more than his own life, but can’t seem to let go of his nightmares and demons.  He starts racing again, hoping that it will help.  It doesn’t.  In fact, it makes things worse when he hooks up with Toby and Gina, two shady characters who are using Liam to win motorcycle races and money for them.  Liam begins drinking and Jenny feels helpless.  With Liam growing more distant, Johnny tries to convince Jenny that they should be together.  She begins to question her love for Liam.

Liam finds Jenny with Johnny and becomes enraged.  He walks away, screaming the awful words, “You’re Dead To Me!”   Her world ended.  Their love seemed to be over even before it had the chance to fully bloom.  Jenny comes to understand that there is nothing left for her to do but leave town after Johnny’s mother, a “seer” tells her all is lost. 

As she drives away, she wonders about the number 11 and if her past with Liam is a result of their life now… a life that they are living apart from each other.  Was this a result of bad Karma?  Jenny believed her love with Liam was undying; that it was conceived before they were born.  Only time would tell if this would be true. 


Jamie Kincaid grew up in Spencer, West Virginia.  She has been a lover of words and a storyteller since she was a little girl.  And although she carries two degrees, one in Marketing from Glenville State College in Glenville, West Virginia and the other in Education from Buffalo State College, in Buffalo, New York, her affair with writing always remained.  She has traveled and lived in many areas but if you were to ask her where her home is, she would tell you in a heartbeat that it is and always will be Spencer.  In her spare time when she is not writing and taking care of her family, you can find her running miles and miles.  She lives in Ohio with her husband and their three beautiful children and her golden retriever who remains faithfully by her side while she continues to write her next tale. 

April 2016 GoodReads Giveaway: Karma

The giveaway begins April 10, 2016 and runs thru April 30 10, 2016.  We will be giving away ten signed copies of Jamie Kincaid's Karma.  Click the form below to enter your name into the drawing.  It's FREE!

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Karma by Jamie Kincaid


by Jamie Kincaid

Giveaway ends April 30, 2016.

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