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Who We Are:

We are an independent, small press publishing house headquartered in Michigan.  Our goal is to support authors equally, providing them with the best publishing services possible within our mutually beneficial "Pack" approach.  As a family, authors, editors, illustrators, book ambassadors and publisher each support and enrich the company, our Pack, as readers experience the wonderment of the written word.

Feburary Spotlight!

Debi S. Nelson; Author of the recently released children's book, "A Cabin By The Lake" offers children a wondeerful  opportunity to get to know the animals near her cabin... especially Moose! 


We're giving away ten signed copies of "A Cabin By The Lake" in partnership with beginning February 7, 2016. See the link at the bottom of this page to enter!

Write To Woof!

Write To Woof is an annual, anthology. The goal of this collection is to bring awareness to the roles dogs play in our lives... as companions, helpers and teachers.  Whether pure-bred or rescued Mutt; each enhances our lives like no other creature on Earth.

Please lend your words to serve our canine friends and those who care for them.

Sacred Texts

Grey Wolfe Publishing believes that what you write is Sacred Text.  We see it as our calling to ascribe reverence to your written word through the partnership of our publishing process; and in so doing, create a legacy that will last generations. 


Help us rebuild the Library of Alexandria... one book at a time!

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February 2016 Featured Author: Debi S. Nelson


Debi S. Nelson is our February Featured Author.  Her recently released children's book, "A Cabin By The Lake" is a wonderful opportunity for chidlren to learn more about the woodland creatures that inhabit their world, with photos and "fact boxes" that teach as well as entertain. 

Grandpa and Grandma built a cabin in the woods by a lake. Grandma was blessed with four precious grandchildren—Connor, Mia, Liam and Jace—and while spending time together, she taught them about nature and the woodland animals, including Grandma’s favorite—Moose!

Debi has always loved to write about what she sees around her. Moose have captivated her interest as they are amazing and majestic animals. Debi’s dream is to share the awe and wonder of nature with her family and friends as she shares the wonders of cabin life.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Cabin by the Lake Moose and Other Woodland Animals by Debi S. Nelson

A Cabin by the Lake Moose and Other Woodland Animals

by Debi S. Nelson

Giveaway ends February 29, 2016.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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Special Valentine's Day Promotion

In honor or Valentine's Day and all the lovers in the world... we're introducing you to a new romance novel: Healing Hearts.

Ana Escher the beautiful but often insecure college senior, is caught in the web of her intentionally cruel boyfriend, Danny Carmichael. He has the ability to exploit everything negative she has ever felt about herself; twisting it to his advantage. As his abuse worsens, Ana decides to dump him for the sake of her sanity. However, she soon learns he won’t let go.
When Ana meets Cayden O’Leary a part-time cop, full-time college senior struggling with a dark past, she thinks he’s only a “meat-head idiot,” but quickly learns he’s a lot more than just a handsome face with a hot body.
Ana and Cayden become partners for a class project and begin a steamy romance, and a journey towards helping each other heal. But, as the intensity of their relationship increases so does Danny’s obsession with Ana. He begins a relentless pursuit in hopes of “winning” her back, but only Cayden knows just how dangerous Danny really is. Can Cayden and Ana’s love survive the weight of their pasts, or will it end with a bang?

Enter to win one of ten signed copies of A.J. Norris' new romance novel, "Healing Hearts".

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Healing Hearts by A.J. Norris

Healing Hearts

by A.J. Norris

Giveaway ends March 01, 2016.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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