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Author Spotlight: Michael Kitchen

      Michael Kitchen is a graduate of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law and won the 2009 Michigan Bar Journal Short Story Contest.  He co-authored "Down Through the Years: The Memoirs of Detroit City Council President Emeritus Erma Henderson".

      Raised in Plymouth, Michigan, he currently resides in Chesterfield Township, Michigan where he also practices law, predominantly taking court-appointed criminal defense cases in Macomb County.  Michael is a frequent contributor to Grey Wolfe community service anthologies and the "Legends" literary journal.


         Read the synopsis and an excerpt from Michael's debut novel, "The Y in Life" and order your copy HERE.

With impressive acumen, first-time novelist, Michael Kitchen gives us a tale in the vein of Somerset Maugham's "The Razor's Edge".  Modern day seeker Darryl Lawrence's quest hightlights the fact that beneath everything that drives and distracts us there is, first and foremost, the quest for meaning.  In "The Y in Life", Darryl travels half way around the globe and back, his journey leading to an altered perception of the world, which will have significant impact on the other characters, and the reader as well. ~Kelly Fordon; "Tell Me When It Starts To Hurt"