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Author Spotlight: Christopher Chagnon

Winner of the Grey Wolfe Publishing "Leader of the Pack" award for the #1 Bestseller of 2013!

      Christopher Chagnon was born in Bad Axe, Michigan February 19, 1951, the seventh child of a family of twelve.  He moved with his parents, Rollin and Mildred Chagnon to Onaway, Michigan in 1955 where his father, a funeral director, opened the Chagnon Funeral Home. 

      At an early age his mother encouraged him to read from the family’s extensive library containing the works of, Guy De Maupassant, Anton Chekhov, Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway.  But it wasn’t until 1969 when Robert Donia, his high school English teacher, encouraged Chagnon to become a writer.  While growing up in the rural northern Michigan town of Onaway, Chagnon was surrounded by a mix of interesting, indelible characters that have fueled his stories with rich dialogue and unforgettable scenes.  But Chagnon’s path first led him to becoming a photographer gaining prominence while living in Detroit.  In 1976, he was hired by the Detroit Tigers, and spent more than ten years as their team’s photographer.  He has spent time as the Detroit Pistons team photographer, photographer for the Associated Press, United Press International, hotel photographer for Detroit’s Renaissance Center, and his photos have appeared numerous times in national publications.  Throughout the ‘70s Chagnon wrote magazine articles, and newspaper features and he eventually opened a professional photo lab near Detroit.   

      Christopher has three children, Justine, Marcel and Luc, and has moved back to Onaway, Michigan with his wife, Nannette, whom he has been married to for forty-two years.  He is a full-time writer now and has had three short stories published and his first novel; ‘The Dregs of Presque Isle’, book one of a trilogy from The Chandlerville Chronicles, will be released in Autumn, 2014.


         Read the synopsis for "The Dregs of Presque Isle" and order your copy HERE.

From the first three pages, I was completely sold on spending the day getting as close to a childhood I have always dreamed of.  Only one other writer has been sucessful at taking me on a journey where I actually felt as if I were in the setting and moment that I was reading and fantasziing about.  That writer wrote "Stand By Me"!!!  The thing is, when I turned the last page, I almost instatly felt that the present time and day wasn't good enough.  I wish I was in Presque Isle, sitting in a fort that my friends and I built, deciding if we want to go fishing or searching for hidden treasure of dynamite that is said to be somewhere under the trees above me.  Oh my, the double edge sword of technology verses simplicity.  After reading "The Dregs of Presque Isle - The Chandlerville Chronicles", I am now certain that when I have children, I will raise them with rolling hills, back woods, dirt roads and rivers that run through them, as these are the concrete foundation of the way of life, and the template to one word that goes deeper than any abyss, stronger than any force of nature, and bigger than this world we spin on... Family!!! Do yourself a favor, take a journey to "The Dregs of Presque Isle"... you wont be let down!!