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Author Spotlight:

Mary Avers

     Mary Avers is the pen name of Mary Ewers, born in Hermann, Missouri in April of 1984. She grew up in the small, Ozark town of Willow Springs, Mo in the company of her fourteen siblings. The daughter of a highway patrolman and a fulltime mom, she spent her days on the farm gardening, putting up hay, caring for the animals, fishing, horseback riding, and milking cows. Being socially-stranded as a homeschooler, she buried herself in a world of books and discovered a deep passion for writing.

     Mary now lives in West Plains with her three children, Christina, Nathan, and Tristan. When not busy with work and parenting, she enjoys spending time outdoors, fishing, riding horses, canoeing, and of course, writing. She’s also busily marking off bucket list items when not adding to them!

     Read the synopsis and an interactive excerpt from Mary Avers' Romance novel, "Pretentious Paradise" and order your copy HERE.

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Pretentious Paradise by Mary Avers

Pretentious Paradise

by Mary Avers

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