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Author Spotlight: Michael D. Jones

Since publishing his first collection, The Patter of Bare Feet  (1996), in an anthology of Michigan  writers, Michael Jones has won awards for his poetry, although he rarely publishes his poems.  He has been published in Pudding Magazine, Mobius, Legends (Fall 2013), the Cathartic, River King, and Zuzu's Petals Quarterly.  Unlikely Trees is his second collection of poems; they expose a mind that knows itself, a sensibility that is associative and relational, and they offer a perspective that indulges in the wondrous and miraculous - sometimes with delight, sometimes not.  He has a Master of Arts degree in English from Oakland University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and communications from the University of Michigan.  Michael lives in Holland, Michigan.

Unlikely Trees is a collection that explores.  It travels on foot, by car, bus, plane, and ship.  Yet, it is through people, places, and things which the poems work to discover the better part of our humanity - faithfulness, love, compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice, hope and perseverance.  It possesses an image-bearing intensity that often allows for small and common things (like a morning bus ride or a leaf) to become expansive, luminous and transformative; and reduces the seemingly overwhelming to basic elements.  Michael Jones' poems possesses a sensibility that is associative and offer a perspective that indulges in the everyday wondrous and miraculous.

These poems will move you by evoking how things are.  Some of the poems in this diverse collection are lofty.  Others are earthy.  They can be difficult, easy, lighthearted, sober, fun.  They share beauty by speaking the truth.

~Joseph Laprte, PhD